Our mission

The project's main aim is to raise funds and buy and supply drones and thermal imagers for the Ukrainian front-line units

Who we are

We are a group of volunteers, actively contributing to the needs of the Ukrainian army since the very first days of the Russian invasion. This project involves a large number of people who care about the fate of Ukraine.


In addition to raising funds for the Ukrainian army, we also have another goal.

Having fully preserved the paint on the keychains, we are trying to convey and share the energy of events taking place in Ukraine to many parts of our planet.

We want our ancestors to remember and realize many years after this war that there is a very short path from peace to war.

We believe, that one day these planes and helicopters were built to protect the world, but instantly, they turned into a weapon for the murder and extermination of the Ukrainian people. And if in the future, our keychain, as a historical souvenir, will help to change the decision to spark any military aggression on our planet, the mission of our project will be considered completed.

What we do

Our team is gathering funds and supplying drones and thermal imagers for Ukrainian soldiers.

We found the parts of the fuselage and decided to make keychains, retaining the original color of the material and inscriptions.

Making keychains

The production process has become a little more complicated since there is a war in Ukraine and many production facilities are closed. Happily, everything worked out!


As gratitude, you will receive a keychain, made out of the steal of the downed enemy plane.

We are also ready to supply keychains for free for the charity auctions for fundraising for Ukrainian army needs in various countries

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1Have you preserved the authentic color of the fuselage on the keychains?

Yes, the authentic color is preserved.

2What payment methods can you accept?

We accept bank transfers in the USA, Credit cards, PayPal, BTC, and ETH.

3Can you ship to other countries?

Shipping is possible in all countries, apart from Russia and Belarus. Please, provide your shipping address while making a donation or reach out to us via e-mail.

4How long is the standard shipping time?

Shipping time is around 14-20 days. Expedited shipping is possible by request.

5What is the minimal sum of the donation?

The minimum sum of the donation comprises 500$.

6Do you accept other donations for the needs of the Ukrainian army?

Yes, send your offers via e-mail or Instagram private messages.

7How can I make sure that donations will be assigned to the needs of the Ukrainian army?

We will regularly share the reports and updates on the spent sums of money and other donations passed for the needs of the army.

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