The ‘Grach’ keychain in your possession was crafted from a shot-down Russian Air Force Su-25SM-44, air force designator “12 Red”.  

The aircraft was built as a regular single-seat SU-25.  However,  in 2011  it was upgraded to the SM (Stroyevoy Modernizirovannyi) version and received a camouflage paint scheme.

It served in the 18th Assault Aviation Regiment located in the village of Chernigovka, Far East of Russia, which is actually 9600 kilometers away from the place where it was successfully downed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The “12 Red” took part in the battle for Kyiv in the early days of the brutal Ukrainian – Russian war, supporting Russian occupational forces at Hostomel Airport (home base of Antonov AN-225 Mriya).

Having encountered the Ukrainian Air Defence system, the ‘Grach’ met its just and fair fate, crashing 3 nautical miles to the west of Hostomel Airport.

Pictures of crash site near Babinci village, Kyiv region (coordinates 50°36'24.6"N 30°07'09.3"E).

Keychain "Grach"

Keychain made of authentic SU-25 aircraft fuselage. Limited edition. Min donate 250$

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Premium Keychain "Grach"

Keychain made of authentic SU-25 aircraft fuselage. Tag contains fragment of aircraft serial number or star. Limited edition. Min donate 500$

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1Have you preserved the authentic color of the fuselage on the keychains?

Yes, the authentic color is preserved.

2What payment methods can you accept?

We accept bank transfers in the USA, Credit cards, PayPal, BTC, and ETH.

3Can you ship to other countries?

Shipping is possible in all countries, apart from Russia and Belarus. Please, provide your shipping address while making a donation or reach out to us via e-mail.

4How long is the standard shipping time?

Shipping time is around 14-20 days. Expedited shipping is possible by request.

5What is the minimal sum of the donation?

The minimum sum of the donation comprises 500$.

6Do you accept other donations for the needs of the Ukrainian army?

Yes, send your offers via e-mail or Instagram private messages.

7How can I make sure that donations will be assigned to the needs of the Ukrainian army?

We will regularly share the reports and updates on the spent sums of money and other donations passed for the needs of the army.

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